What you can do

Step 1: Download

Download the beta from the downloads section and save it to a place where you can easily find it, like your desktop.

Step 2: Use it

Use it in every way you can think of, then report back on what didn't work. But don't just run it once. Try it as many times as possible, with different options every time. The more scenarios you can try, the better.

Step 3: Report bugs

I'm only looking for bug reports about LOSI, so any bugs related to what the installer has control over (like directory structure, shell settings, etc) are appreciated. Please don't report about stuff the installer has no control over (like the theme, or litestep.exe exploding, or the moon and stars, and so on). Bug report template

Please use the following template (or at least make sure you give me all the info) when reporting bugs. It makes it much easier to isolate bugs and fix them. Thank you.

UserName (on your computer):

Operating System:

Installer Language:
Installer Components:
Destination Folder:
User Profiles Location:


An example bug report

UserName (on your computer):

Operating System: Windows 2003 Server Enterprise edition

Installer Language: English
Installer Components: Litestep Files
Destination Folder: C:\Losi
User Profiles Location: LitestepDir\Profiles

Bug/Suggestion: It crashes my entire computer!
I started the installer, selected english as the language, accepted the License Agreement,
unselected the "Themes" default installer themes component,
typed in C:\Losi as the destination folder,
chose LitestepDir\Profiles for the User Profiles Location,
clicked next.

It killed litestep, asked me to click ok after litestep was dead,

When I did: Kaboom! My computer exploded!

Note: It will not blow up your computer, thats just an example (fictional) report.